GLE thru Plant Logic Engineering provides 3D Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry and Dimensional Control for the As-Building of existing facilities. These services can be utilised for Browneld Revamps, Fabrication and Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Inspection, Safety and Asset Management.

During construction and installation within existing facilities there is a constant concern of hard clashes between the various components, and mitigating this risk can be a challenge for plant constructors, operators and owners.

Our As-Building services aid in capturing precise information of the facility without causing any disruption to operations and production.

Our survey solutions help meet this challenge with 3D laser scanning. We provide a unique solution that produces a high denition "Point Cloud" that can then be used to produce a 3D CAD model.

GLE utilises a range of high speed laser scanners that can capture up to one million points per second, to deliver individual scans of data. Each individual scan is a collection of high resolution points of 3D coordinates, depicting all line-of-sight objects. Numerous scans are collected from multiple locations to satisfy the overall capture of field data. The scans are then "Registered" to create an overall "Point Cloud" of the facility, which can then be referenced to the plant coordinates.

The 3D Point Clouds of the As-Built facility can then be integrated directly with CAD systems (PDMS, PDS, AutoCAD, BricsCAD, MicroStation, CADWorx, AutoPlant, SmartPlant 3D) to integrate and clash check against new Design Models.

The Point Cloud can then be utilised further to create either a semi-intelligent or fully intelligent 3D Model that design groups can utilise, so as to eliminate interferences and clashes. This is opposed to the conventional method of using the original 3D design model or existing drawings that are not necessarily kept up to date.

Key benets include:
  • Creation up to date as-built documentation
  • 3D semi-automated modeling
  • Clash/Interference checking
  • Condition and damage assessment
  • Data exchange with many CAD platforms
  • 2D plans
  • Complete 3D CAD models from point clouds
  • Aid in inspections
  • Deformation analysis and weld peaking reports
  • Tank/vessel volumetric information


Our 3D laser scanning service is intended to enhance the design and constructability of any revamp, retrot, upgrade project through all stages of the process.

Key benets of this service include:
  • Mitigation of risk
  • Minimizing shutdown periods
  • Minimizing offshore fabrication activities.
  • Eliminate re-work and reduce cost of retrospective engineering
  • Reduction of installation man-hours
  • Maximizing field productivity
  • Minimizing field hot-work
  • Early project completion