Management of Major Emergencies



The aim of the MME Training is to furnish personnel with formal training in command, control, communications and stress-related factors in the management of major emergencies. This programme delivers initial emergency management training for personnel who are undertaking a training and a competence programme to progress to the role of an emergency response manager.

The objectives of the MME Training are that attendees will be able to:
  • Understand the key factors in preparing for, responding to, and maintaining control throughout the development or escalation of an emergency situation.
  • Learn how to manage communication, emergency-related information and put into place predetermined plans at the point when the emergency alarm has been raised, to the point when the emergency manager is assured that the emergency is over.
  • Have the opportunity to role-play as the emergency manager in a number of specific types of emergency scenarios is a key element of the training programme and is backed up by constructive feedback from the course instructional team.