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GLE possesses the credentials to offer a comprehensive range of innovative and integrated solutions for the following sectors.

Oil & Gas and Petrochemical

GLE offers innovative solutions for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors, providing comprehensive EPCC services.

Energy & Utilities

GLE provides integrated solutions for the Energy & Utilities sector, optimizing energy resources and ensuring reliable transmission and distribution systems.

Renewables Energy

GLE leads in renewable energy solutions, developing and implementing clean and sustainable power generation from sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric.

Self-Services Solutions

GLE designs self-service solutions, including kiosks and automated systems, enhancing operational efficiency and improving customer experiences.

Water Resources

GLE specializes in water resources management, delivering engineering design and project implementation for efficient water supply and conservation.

Wellness & Rehabilitation Centre

GLE focuses on wellness and rehabilitation centers, offering state-of-the-art facilities and programs to promote health and personalized care.
We deliver a comprehensive scope and range of end-to-end industry specific solutions

GLE Group is a team of highly qualified and competent industry professionals with expertise in various disciplines

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Commissioning (EPCC)
Our extensive portfolio is comprised of plenty of projects completed

We always help the industry improve its environmental and social performance

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