GLE provides a comprehensive range of competency training courses tailored for the energy sector. These courses cover a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from non-technical skills like ‘Report Writing & Presentation Skills’ and ‘Soft Skills for Engineers’ to specialized courses such as ‘Management of Major Emergencies.’ With a team of highly qualified instructors, some boasting over 30 years of experience in various disciplines, GLE ensures that the training programs meet the highest standards.

One of the key strengths of GLE’s training offering is the ability to customize courses based on clients’ specific needs. The instructors are adept at designing and tailoring courses to address the unique requirements of different organizations and individuals. This customization ensures that the training remains relevant and impactful in the ever-evolving and dynamic oil and gas as well as petrochemical sectors.

The competency training courses provided by GLE cover a wide range of topics related to health, safety, and environmental (HSE) practices. Some of the courses offered include ‘Basic Fire Fighting,’ ‘HSEMS Awareness Training,’ ‘Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP),’ ‘Emergency Response Training,’ ‘Process Safety Management (PSM) Awareness,’ and many more. These courses aim to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in critical areas of HSE, crisis management, emergency response, and leadership.

Additionally, GLE offers specialized certifications, such as IECEx Certifications for explosive atmospheres and hazardous areas. These certifications demonstrate compliance with international standards and regulations, providing professionals with the necessary expertise to work in potentially hazardous environments.

By providing a comprehensive range of competency training courses, GLE supports the professional development and skill enhancement of individuals in the energy sector. The training programs not only equip participants with technical knowledge but also focus on soft skills development, leadership, and effective communication. GLE’s commitment to delivering high-quality training that meets industry standards ensures that participants gain the necessary competencies to excel in their roles and contribute to a safe and efficient working environment.

In summary, GLE’s competency training courses offer a diverse range of topics tailored for the energy sector. With experienced instructors and the ability to customize courses, GLE ensures that participants receive relevant and high-quality training. By covering both technical and non-technical aspects, GLE equips professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields. The extensive range of courses, including specialized certifications, reaffirms GLE’s commitment to promoting excellence and safety in the energy industry.

GLE offers a premium range of competency training courses for the energy sector. The courses range from nontechnical aspects such as ‘Report Writing & Presentation Skills’, ‘Soft Skills for Engineers’, ‘Project Economics’ to specialised courses, such as ‘Management of Major Emergencies.’
We have a team of qualified instructors, who possess extensive experience -some with over 30 years of experience in various disciplines. Our instructors are also able to design/customize courses based on clients’ specific needs. GLE is committed to ensuring that the competency training programme remains up-to-mark given the evolvement and dynamism of the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors of business.

  1. Basic Fire Fighting
  2. Behavioural Safety
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Crisis Management (Media Handling During Crisis)
  5. Damage Control Team Training
  6. Emergency Management Team Training
  7. Emergency Response Training
  8. Engineering Design:
    1. Process
    2. Dynamic Process Simulation
    3. Pipeline (onshore & offshore)
    4. Piping
    5. CAD / CAE
  9. H2S Safety Awareness
  10. Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP)
  11. Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE) Assurance
  12. HSE Management Leadership Training
  13. HSEMS Awareness Training
  14. IECEx Certifications for Explosion Atmospheres / Hazardous Areas
  15. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Training
  16. Management of Major Emergency (MME)
  17. Permit To Work (PTW) Awareness
  18. Process Safety Management (PSM) Awareness
  19. Safe Handling of Chemicals
  20. Soft Skills Training (Leadership & Communication Skills)
  21. Stress Management for Supervisors