GLE’s EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) contracts offer comprehensive project delivery solutions. Under the GLE-EPCM umbrella, the company takes responsibility for various aspects of the project, including basic and detailed design and engineering, procurement processes, and overall project management and administration.

The first step in the GLE-EPCM process involves conducting basic and detailed design and engineering work. This includes developing optimal technical solutions tailored to the client’s specific requirements. GLE’s experienced team of engineers and designers ensure that the design meets industry standards and aligns with project objectives.

Procurement plays a crucial role in project success, and GLE-EPCM establishes and manages tendering processes for the procurement of all equipment and materials. They implement robust procurement strategies, ensuring that the right suppliers are selected and that the procurement process is efficient and cost-effective. GLE also handles the awarding and management of works package contracts, ensuring smooth coordination and delivery.

Project management and administration are key responsibilities of GLE-EPCM. They oversee the overall project execution, ensuring that work package contracts are managed effectively, and projects are delivered on time and within budget. This includes managing the works package contracts during warranty periods and addressing any issues that may arise.

At GLE, professional integrity and open communication are fundamental to their business approach. They prioritize maintaining strong relationships with clients, understanding their project schedule milestones and budget targets, and working diligently to achieve them. GLE’s commitment to transparency and effective communication ensures that clients are involved and informed throughout the project lifecycle.

GLE’s integrated EPCM approach allows them to tap into a diverse pool of professionals from across their network. This enables them to assemble a skilled and experienced team tailored to the specific requirements of each project. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge of their professionals, GLE delivers high-quality engineering design, efficient procurement processes, and effective construction management.

In addition to the core EPCM services, GLE incorporates project execution services to provide a comprehensive solution. These services include conducting engineering studies, developing contracts strategies and project execution plans, handling contract formation and administration, managing construction activities, ensuring health and safety compliance, managing environmental and community relations, obtaining necessary permits and statutory approvals, and conducting project planning, cost planning, and scheduling.

To ensure project success, GLE also provides services such as cost estimation, project financial analysis, risk management, and change management. These additional services allow GLE to address potential challenges, mitigate risks, and adapt to any changes that may arise during the project lifecycle.

In conclusion, GLE’s EPCM contracts offer a complete package of engineering, procurement, and construction management services. Their expertise in design, procurement, and project management, coupled with their commitment to professional integrity and open communication, ensures successful project delivery. Through their integrated approach and a wide range of additional services, GLE provides clients with comprehensive support throughout the project, from initial design to final execution.